What is The Fuel Angel?

The Fuel Angel is a misfuel prevention device that can be easily installed into diesel vehicles’ filler necks. The device prevents gasoline or DEF nozzles from being able to be inserted into the tank, thus protecting your vehicle from a very expensive mistake.

How long is the warranty?

The Fuel Angel Device has a LIFETIME WARRANTY! We will replace any device that is defective as long as it is not damaged from misuse. Click here for warranty details.

How do you install it?
Installation is very simple as the device threads right into the existing filler neck. To install the Fuel Angel device please watch the video on our home page.
Do you need any special tools to install it?
No. The Fuel Angel device includes a unique fitting tool.
Does it affect the vehicle warranty?
The installation of the Fuel Angel Device does not affect the vehicle warranty.
How long will the device last?
The Fuel Angel Device will last for the life of the vehicle.
Which vehicles can the device be installed?
The Fuel Angel Device will fit into most Light Duty diesel vehicles. See our Buy Now Page for all of the models.
Is there a Fuel Angel designed for Medium and Heavy Duty Trucks?

This product line is currently in the design phase and not yet available. We will ultimately have a Fuel Angel device to offer for all Light, Medium, and Heavy Duty diesel vehicles.

Why is gasoline so harmful to diesel engine components?

Gasoline acts as a solvent and diesel is a lubricant. If gasoline is dispensed into a diesel fuel system, the lack of lubrication will cause the metal to metal contact to produce small sharp fragments of metal that then work their way through the system. It also causes damage to the fuel lines, filter, injectors and rubber seals.

Is the Fuel Angel compatible with all blends of diesel (biodiesel, renewable diesel, off-road diesel)?

Yes. The device is compatible with all diesel fuels.